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About Compost


What is Compost?

Our compost is made from organic materials like grass, hay, manures and sawdust. The correct carbon to nitrogen ratio is essential.

Microbes, including bacteria and fungi then decompose the mix and turn it into a stable, humified material is compost.

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What is Compost?

Quality compost is well proven to be a very useful soil conditioner, especially in light and sandy soils or soils that are cultivated regularly. It adds organic matter and biology to the soil and also provides nutrients. Some known benefits of good compost can include:

* Improving nutrient cycling in the soil through increasing the biology in the soil

* The quickest way to increase soil Carbon

* Every 1% increase in soil Carbon = 170,000 litres of water holding capacity.

* Improving soil structure

* Helping to suppress soil borne plant diseases

* Reducing weed activity

* A reduction in soluble fertilizer requirements

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Compost can be applied at rates from 3 tonnes/ha up to 30-40 tonnes or more per hectare, depending on the crop requirements. 

Blending with compost:

We can blend minerals and other additives according to your soil analysis.

Contact us for specific information regarding your requirements. We can supply you with an analysis of our compost on request. 

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